Facebook Gameroom: a new gaming platform

The news about Facebook launching its own gaming platform for PC owners has recently broken media resources. After several months of name changes and beta tests, the social networking website has announced that Facebook Gameroom, the app to play various Facebook games on PC, is finally available for download. Now, players and app observers as well as common Windows users – all are interested in discovering options of the Steam's new competitor.

What is Gameroom?

Gameroom is the gaming platform for Windows OS that lets users play Facebook games without logging into their Facebook accounts. There are actually lots of interesting games of different genres that may interest you, including strategy games, bingo games, simulators of city building, shooters, and others. Probably, this new gaming service by Facebook is just its attempt to keep users stay on its platform. Let's see if it was a successful attempt. 

How to install and use the app?

To download Facebook Gameroom, just proceed to the page linked and the free app will be easily installed on your computer if you have Windows 7 and above. As Adobe Flash Player is also required to play games on PC, it will get installed automatically. When the setup process is finished, you are to enjoy the main window of Gameroom, which shows beautifully arranged grids of game genres. Here, you may select any and start playing either card battle games or match 3 games or whatever you like; but bear in mind (!), to launch a game, you will constantly need to accept requests from Facebook and connect via your profile to continue. 

The game overviewThe game overview

The Gameroom main window also contains the tabs All games, Categories, Downloads on the left-side panel for easier reference. Many users will appreciate a nice chat option. To join the chatroom and communicate with other players, just click Chat on the top left corner. Also, it's useful to know that if you want to save a shortcut for the game, you just need to press the + mark.

How good is the app?

The games on Facebook Gameroom are web-based; also, there are some native Gameroom games. Most of them are free, which is an obvious advantage. Still, some games are designed to make you purchase extra coins, lives, etc. So, be ready to be redirected to your Facebook account and pay via your credit or debit card.

In terms of games quality, Facebook Gameroom is, definitely, no match for high-end PC gaming sites, but it manages to provide wonderful Flash-based experience. Moreover, games do not crash and do not badly affect the performance and the working speed of a computer.

Since Facebook just began its way in desktop gaming, it needs time to succeed and get further development. For the moment being, Facebook Gameroom is not the Steam's serious competitor, but Facebook is determined to carry on massive business.

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Will Facebook Gameroom gain longlasting popularity?


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