Twitter Bot wishes you a Merry Christmas

Well, it's Christmas and it's high time to share a beautiful holiday photo with your followers on Twitter. Surfing around the web, I've found a nice service that saved me a whole load of time that I would otherwise spend manually editing my photos. The service's called PhotoLab Bot and I find it really unique in what it does. It helps you share your holiday spirit with friends on Twitter by adding Christmas to you photos.

First of all, a couple of words upon how it works:
- you mention PhotoLab Bot (@Photolab_Bot) in your tweet
- add a #hashtag (one of these #Christmas, #Findsanta, #Makemetrump, #Findwhoiswho)
- provide a photo for the Bot to work with.
For example: @Photolab_bot, I want it #Christmas [link] or @Photolab_bot, please #Makemetrump [uploaded image]. The bot will reply to your message in mere seconds.

How to talk to PhotoLab BotHow to talk to PhotoLab Bot

Use the hashtags wisely as they affect the result. So, if you want to be pleasantly surprised by the randomly added Christmas effect use #Christmas. Those who like Santa hats on their photos will enjoy the #Findsanta one. If you want to dress several people in merry costumes of a Santa, Deer, Elf and Snow Maiden, the #Findwhoiswho is your choice. Finally, #Makemetrump will change one of the faces into the president's one.

The bot lets you add images as image URLs or links to Instagram posts or directly upload your pic to your tweet. I tested it and it worked nicely. The image was beautified with nice holiday lights. The bot processed the image quickly and smoothly, good job.

This is how the final image may lookThis is how the final image may look

An important moment – the bot is quick indeed. It takes just 20 seconds to process your photo. Also you will be notified in Twitter and by phone if you have it assigned to your account.

The overall impression is it is fun! It won't occupy you for long, but it is capable of retrieving your holiday spirit. It can be also used to make Christmas cards for your nearest and dearest family members or friends.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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