Raspberry Pi's Pixel UI released for PCs

The founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation has just announced that the Pixel desktop environment can now be used on Macs and Windows PCs as a bootable image packed with an open-source Debian Linux operating system. Originally developed for the Raspbian operating system, the Windows and MacOS versions of Pixel are still prototypes, so you will probably encounter a few bugs and some stability issues every once in a while.

If you're not familiar with topic, Pixel is a graphical user interface for Raspbian and the Raspberry Pi board. Besides the previously mentioned technical difficulties, the Windows and MacOS versions of Pixel will not come with Minecraft and Wolfram Mathematica preinstalled. On the plus side, this build of the UI will work on any x86 computer as it's based on the architecture of the i386 processor and it only requires 512 MB of system memory to run in optimal conditions. In case you want to try Pixel out for yourself, you can either get it as a DVD together with the latest issue of the MagPi magazine or download it from the Raspberry Pi official website.

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