Getting ready for Valentine's Day

This holiday dates back to early Christian times and began as a liturgical service in honor of the Christian martyr called Valentinus. The legend says that he was an ordinary Roman priest and held church weddings for soldiers who were persecuted and had no rights to marry in the Roman Empire. For this, Valentinus was imprisoned and executed on the 14th of February. In the farewell letter to his sweetheart, he signed it “your Valentine”. That's why greeting cards are named valentines. An idea of turning this day into a celebration started in the 18th century when people can express their feelings in the language of presents.

Saint Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching. Be honest, are you ready to meet this holiday? I hope you won't come to anything more than flowers, chocolates or jewelery. It's a well-known truth the best gift is a handmade one. Nowadays, we can surely add: the precious present can be software-based. Here I'd like to offer you a list of programs that will help you create a special greeting card for your one and only.

Personalized Letters

The tool to design a card for Saint Valentine's DayPersonalized Letters

The program enables you to create letters and envelopes to congratulate your dearest on a variety of different occasions. Within this application, you can find a pack of different styles: Christmas, Easter, or Valentines. In the Valentines section, there are three romantic samples with or without background images for you to choose. The envelope's image can't be fully customized to your taste but it's up to you when it comes to editing your letter details. If you have some problems with vivid imagination, the app will give you a helping hand with its professional database of greeting letters. In this case, just insert the person's name and address. Moreover, Personalized Letters supports the printing feature directly from the application. You can preview the output, as well as select the suitable size for your envelope. Voila, your unique greeting card is ready to be a pleasure to the eye.


The app to create a card for Saint Valentine's DayPhoto Card Maker

Another application that allows for designing interesting valentines is PhotoCardMaker. The software lets you select built-in templates of cards. In case you're bored with them, the app offers you the possibility to download more cards from the developer's site. To brighten up the template, you can add photos of your choice and configure text fonts. You see there are not too many options to customize the greeting card but this app provides a wider range of templates on various themes: cartoon, sports, seasons, travel, etc. You are able to select any card depending on the hobby of your beloved person. What can compare with the personalized declaration of love!


Make your own greeting cards for Saint Valentine's DayDeckromancy

I truly appreciate this application. It offers you all the options to completely customize your valentine card with high resolution. You can edit all the blanks, alter default colors and symbol markups. I regard it as a decisive advantage that you can configure all the settings and alter all the symbols provided by the app. If you're not satisfied with the default templates, choose your own image and locate it to your taste (Front or Behind, Oval or Normal, etc.). Deckromancy is not so easy to use and it will take some time for beginners to understand how the program works. The developers state that there are minor bugs in the trial version but the activation should fix them.

In conclusion, I think it doesn't matter whether you consider Saint Valentine's Day a special occasion or just romantic nonsense. In fact, it's not a day you can just ignore not to offend the feelings of your beloved one. The genuine sense of this very holiday is that you pay all attention to your dearest. At least, on the 14th of February.

What presents do you usually make for February 14th?

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