Christmas DLCs that are actually fun to play

A lot of game companies create special content for the winter holidays, but not all of them get it right. In order for something to be fun, we need more than just a bit of white, a snowman here and there or some overpriced skins with no real value once the holidays are over. Fortunately, there are some franchises that come up with special and interesting stuff that you can do. So, without any further ado, here are five Christmas DLCs that are actually fun to play.

Holiday HoardersHoliday Hoarders

Hitman - Holiday Hoarders

As far as I'm concerned, the best Christmas DLC available this year has to be Hitman's Holiday Hoarders. Not only you get to dress Agent 47 in a Santa suit and make your way through a beautifully decorated Christmas-themed mansion, you also get to embark on a very special mission: assassinate the two robbers from the Home Alone series. I don't know about you, but that sounds like loads of fun to me.

Overwatch - Winter Wonderland

Winter WonderlandWinter Wonderland

One of the most popular games this year, Overwatch is also doing its own thing for Christmas. Winter Wonderland is an event which will remain active until January 2nd and that will bring with it a new type of brawl called Mei’s Snowball Offensive. Additionally, there's also a new Winter Mystery mode and loads of loot boxes containing at least one gimmicky cosmetic item with a winter theme.

Gears of War 4 - Gearsmas


As expected, Gears of Wars choose a different direction for its Gearsmas event. The new content will provide social competitive multiplayer matches, an “Ice Boomshot” (on December 27th), a death-match spin-off named the "Snowball Fight" mode where you get to shoot your opponents with a "Snowshot" weapon, Easter Eggs, "Ugly Gearsmas Armor” characters and, of course, 28 holiday-themed skins.

Verdun - Christmas Truce

Christmas TruceChristmas Truce

Verdun's Christmas Truce DLC quiets things down for the holidays. Players from both sides can now join together in snowball fights, caroling and sending Christmas cards. What's different about Vedun's content is that it's not free as the company asks you to donate to the War Child charity. Depending on how much money you give away, you can get one of three available tiers of the Christmas Truce DLC.

Overcooked - The Festive Seasoning

The Festive SeasoningThe Festive Seasoning

Surprisingly, the Overcooked indie-game turned out to be a massive success, captivating numerous players with its chaotic gameplay, so the developers have released The Festive Seasoning DLC for free as a sign of gratitude. The pack contains the best cooking tool ever: a flamethrower, Santa hats, Turkey-based recipes, unlockable snowman and reindeer cook as well as eight new levels with a winter lodge theme.

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