Amazon creates a new air cargo service for Prime customers Amazon creates a new air cargo service for Prime customers

According to a report published by Reuters, Amazon maximized its profits by creating its own aircraft fleet to supplement the company's global deliveries. It seems that at the moment, the giant retailer has more than 40 airplanes at its disposal, all of them relatively lightweight even when fully loaded with packages. This isn't only a cost-effective solution but also a great way to ensure that Amazon Prime customers get their orders in time during the holidays season.

In total honesty, this new fleet isn't very popular with popular delivery services like UPS or FedEx as it takes business away from them. However, since currently there are somewhere between 35 and 50 million Prime customers, the investment is affordable and needed at the same time. Additionally, Amazon's airplanes fly at later hours than regular shipping companies, which means that people will get what they paid for sooner. Lastly, the retail giant has also already made its first drone delivery in the UK, so Amazon is well set towards becoming not only the best place to shop online, but also the most reliable shipping solution available.

At the moment, Amazon didn't say anything about expanding its aircraft fleet, but if business keeps booming it will most likely do so in the future. And since we're talking about online shopping, you may also want to read some of our other stories on this topic like: "Top 7 shopping apps for Android" or "How to find out which Amazon products have fake reviews".