Twitch to start selling video games

Steam, watch out! It seems that Twitch is ready to expand and no longer be "just" one of the most popular video game-streaming platforms in the world as the company has recently announced that it will soon also sell games to its users. According to the statement, starting this spring, Twitch's users will be able to buy the games that they love to watch the most directly from the company. Furthermore, the video-streaming service will also be selling in-game content.

As far as I understand, once the feature goes live, the users will see a "Buy Now" button under the stream that they are currently watching and when pressed, the button will lead them to a page from where they can buy the game that was being played. Furthermore, buying games from Twitch will also help support your favorite streamers, as 5% of the transaction's value will go to the broadcaster that you were watching when you made the purchase. As far as the transaction is concerned, you will have to use your Amazon account to pay for the games, but the content will be downloaded from Twitch, not Amazon.

Unfortunately, Twitch didn't tell us exactly what games it intends to sell, but judging by the list of partners which includes names like Ubisoft, Paradox Interactive, Hi Rez Studios, Telltale Games or Campo Santo, we expect the best. Since you're a gamer, you may also be interested in reading some of our other stories like: "Most anticipated video games of 2017" or "Best FPS games that you can play on PC this year".

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