The Smallest 3G Modem Comes From Intel The Smallest 3G Modem Comes From Intel

Our life nowadays runs in several dimensions: reality, in-game virtual world, and communication over the Internet. We are absorbed by technology and connectible devices. Intel goes with the tides and unveils the world's smallest 3G modem which is comparable with a penny or one-cent coin in size.

The XMM 6255 is only about 300 sq mm and is good for wearable and security devices, which can be identified as “smart” and can feature connection possibilities. As Intel states, the modem is for Internet of Things, 3G Smartphones, Machine-to-Machine and Unconventional Client Devices.

Its transceiver and PA are protected from overheating, voltage peak, overcurrent and other similar dangers that can be met under tough usage conditions. The chip can also boast of a fully integrated power amplifier and power management unit which make it independent of the device energy module.

The XMM 6255 is a step forward towards power and space saving technology combined with security, reliability and 3G network connectivity.


I am so happy they are making Smalest 3G Modem of Intel.

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