Use Remote Access Tools to Forget about the Distance

Remote desktop software allows you to control one computer from another over the Internet or a local network. Such opportunity becomes really useful for lots of situations: from managing your own computer from afar to helping your dad who lives 500 miles away work through a computer issue. Today I'm going to perform a brief comparative analysis of remote support utilities and study their advantages and disadvantages.


TeamViewer is one of the most popular free remote access software programs. It can be easily downloaded and installed. It can even be launched without installation so that complete beginners may deal with the software. No changes to router or firewall configurations are needed. The client just needs to enter the Internet ID number and the password. 


- There are several basic modules you can work in: remote management, files transfer, chat, desktop demonstration.
- The program allows users to set the round-the-clock access to the computer. It's convenient for system administration.
- It has easy-to-use and clear interface.
- There are tons of features that increase functionality of the program and are helpful for remote support services.
- The working speed is rather fast.
- Teamviewer supports Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS.

- The program isn't free for commercial use.
- The cost of a license is high.
- Some additional modules are available only in licensed editions.
- TV may block the session of remote access detecting it as a commercial use.

The most handy feature of TeamViewer is the support for mobile devices connections. The software is perfect for a one-shot remote access and for using the program for short periods of time but not convenient for administration of a great number of computers. Additional modules are to be paid for.


LiteManager is a simple but powerful program. It consists of two parts: Server, which you have to install and launch on the remote computer, and Viewer, which allows you to manage that computer.
The program requires a bit more skills and expirence from a manager than in TeamViewer but the working process is even simpler. You have to install it once and no other actions are needed. ID is constant but you can set it manually for your needs. LiteManager Free is a free version for personal and commercial use.


- The program has the working modules: file transfer, chat, task manager, registry editor.
- There are some unique features: inventory, screen recorder, remote installation.
- The usage of the program is free for up to 30 computers.
- It can be used with 24/7 access without any external modules and time limits.

- It doesn't have mobile clients and versions for other platforms (Windows only).
- Some specific working modules are available only in Pro edition.

LiteManager is designed for remote support and managing of many computers at once. Price of the license is the lowest in its segment and the license is not limited by time.

Ammy admin

Ammy admin is very similar to TeamViewer but much easier. It has only primary functions: remote computer management, file transfer, and chat. It can work without installation and it's free for non-commercial use. 

Ammy adminAmmy admin

- The program is easy to use.
- It has minimum of settings and doesn't require particular skills. License policy is softer compared to TeamViewer.

- There are minimum of functions for remote PC managing.
- The utility is not free for commercial use.
- It's difficult to use the program with a lot of computers: manager session can be blocked or limited in case of long time usage (for more than 15 hours per month)

This program is more suitable for one-shot connection than for complicated manipulations.


This is one of the first programs developed for remote control. Most attention is given to security. The program has two components: Server and Client. It requires installation and advanced computer skills. 


- The program offers fast working speed.
- The remote access program provides users with high level of security.
- There is built-in Intel AMT technology which allows users to connect to remote computer BIOS and set its work.

- You can not connect through ID, you need IP address.
- The program has only primary work modes: remote control, file transfer, chat.
- There is no mobile client.
- There is no free version (only 30 day trial).
- Some skills and experience are required for using it.
- During the connection video driver can disable Aero graphic component.

The program mainly meets requirements of system administators for managing computers in a local network.

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Bill Pytlovany

Suffering from a cervical disc bulge I spent months with my head down and could only use my laptop in a reclining chair. Luckily, using a remote tool (GoToMyPC) I was able to connect to my work desktop as if I was sitting in my office. In my case, the office computer was only 25 feet away.

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