Bookshelves are Now Compact and Soft Bookshelves are Now Compact and Soft

Recently electronic and audio books have become very popular. You can have thousands of them on your computer. They don’t take space on the shelves and don’t collect dust. You can keep it on the USB flash drive or PC. Electronic books attract people very much. You can read several books at a time on your portable device. There is no need to carry heavy paper books with you. You can download books from the Internet, share them with friends easily.

Many people find it pleasant to read paper books. You can feel the paper, smell them. They have colorful illustrations and can become a great present. To read the book with text highlighting of your best friends is awesome. You will never have the same feeling by using electronic books.
Here is a couple of applications which will help you to organize, manage and classify the books on your shelves or on your PC.

All My Books

All My BooksAll My Books

All My Books is a book organizer. You can collect paper, electronic or audio books. The books are being stored in the electronic library. The main purpose of this application is to help you to manage your books. The interface is clear and smooth. The program is available in 17 languages.

It is easy to your organize book collection with this application. There is an option to add a book to the database by entering the ISBN code. After you enter the code program searches all the details over the Internet. All the data will be retrieved automatically to the book record.
The book database is stored on the PC, so you can transfer it to another computer. You can set the password to database, share it with friends and compress it. The right section of the program window presented as your virtual book shelf. It can be also customized with colorful themes.

Another very useful feature is the filter. The quick filter allows you to arrange all the books into the categories. You can see the wishlist books. For example, the books you want to receive as present for the birthday. There are options to group all your books into unread, loans, overdue and new. Loaned and overdue categories will keep you informed on what date the books should be returned to you or to the owner. The program saves loan history, so you can trace the book you need at the moment.

The catalog may include audio books with file formats .mp3 or .wma and electronic books with file formats .pdf, .doc and .txt. You can export book records to HTML, CHM, PDF, text, Microsoft Excel or mobile device. To import the records is easy too from text and Microsoft Excel files. Statistic shows what the database consists of. You can see how many books you have, on what subjects and their publishers.


Conclusion: if you like reading and if you like everything to be in order this software is for you. This application is shareware. The trial period is 30 days.


This software helps you to organize your electronic library. Calibre allows you not only to manage your electronic books, but also to read them on computer screen. It has very a simple interface and easy to understand features.


It supports standard file format and can open text files. The built-in viewer allows you to open a variety of electronic books types. There is an option to convert documents into the standard electronic book. Conversion includes individual or bulk. Some readers support only specific file formats. This application can convert any electronic books file format. It takes just couple clicks.

You can edit the metadata and add the details about the book. You can change or correct the title, author, publisher and rating. Before receiving information from the server you need to specify the ISBN. The book cover image can be downloaded from the Internet and trimmed according to your wish. There is a special field where you can leave the comment about the book. You can sort the collection by name, popularity or average rating. It really helps to keep the collection neatly organized.

You can synchronize Calibre with portable device such as standalone reader. It is simple to upload electronic books to the reader. Calibre will choose the best format available for your reader.

Your book collection is always split into the categories. There is a tree view in the left section of the program window. The tree view is divided into the groups such as authors, series, formats, publisher and rating. It allows you to have the full picture of what kind of books you have in your collection.

Conclusion: this application is freeware. It is a very nice choice to make if you want your book collection to be organized. You will be able to convert all the electronic books into different format.

The described applications are both very good. I like All My Books because it has a feature which allows you to see the borrowed books and the books you lent to your friends. Calibre is freeware and it converts electronic books into variety of formats. I choose Calibre.



Have always been using 'Calibre' as an e-book reader on my PC. The clincher was its extensive format support and CSS-based visual customisation (reading text from a textured background is immensely easier on the eye). It converts e-books, too.

Too bad it's somewhat overly keen on crashing.

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