What Day is It, Anyway? What Day is It, Anyway?

People who plan their time daily are familiar with different kinds of calendars. We use calendars to plan the key dates, meetings, birthdays and special activities. Having a calendar is a very convenient thing. It can be handy for both home and office use. The calendar may be on your refrigerator, in the bag, on your smart phone or on your PC. We all use it one way or another. You don’t need to invent anything new to use it. There are plenty of calendars are presented on the software market. Rainlendar and VueMinder Calendar Lite are free calendar applications designed to assist you with time management.


Rainlendar is a combination of a calendar, reminder and sticky notes at the same time. This application is a very helpful desktop gadget. It will certainly keep you and all the stuff organized. The interface consists of 3 panels (the calendar, to do list and events). All the three panels can be separately dragged all over your screen. The small application icon appears in the system tray after the installation is complete. The interface is very stylish, smooth and good looking. It is very easy to find what you need.

Rainlendar’s Desktop ViewRainlendar’s Desktop View

You can assign the event to the particular date. You can edit the event, set the location, URL, start and end time. There is an option to customize the recurrence and save the event as a template. The alarm will help you not to miss the event. You can set up your favorite music as the alarm sound. Calendar is translucent and it doesn’t distract you at all. You can easily find the next and previous months. If you right-click on the calendar (or on the tray icon), you can create a new task and event, choose the year and open the calendar manager. The weekends are marked with red and the dates, as well as events, are blue.

Rainlendar’s Skin OptionsRainlendar’s Skin Options

Each week has a number on the left side, which is especially helpful when you want to set up a week vacation half a year up front. After you set the event it appears in the event list. You can see all the events in the list a week ahead. To do list can be customized the same way as a new event. All the events in the to-do-list are displayed. You can sort the list in the ways you like (alphabetically, categories, dates, priority and etc.) Conclusion: it is a fantastic application for managing and planning your time at home and in the office.

VueMinder Calendar Lite

It is a real calendar. It helps you to manage your time with ease. It is an impressive application. It is a great solution not to forget an important meeting, birthday or doctor appointment. Double click on the particular day in order to create an event. You are able to set title, location, category and priority. It can be adjusted for a few hours or for all day long. Choose the action to remind you about the event (pop up reminder or desktop alert). The recurrence can be customized also along with the description. You may also attach a file. All the events can be exported to the flash media and synchronized with Google calendar.

VueMinder Calendar Lite - EventVueMinder Calendar Lite - Event

The main calendar panel has three tabs (day, week and month). You can zoom them separately in or out. It gives you better option to visualize the scheduled events. You can also play with the settings to each time period. There is a large variety of calendar views. On the left panel in the main window you can see the small calendar which can be scrolled to the particular date. There you can also sort all the events by calendar owner, category, location and priority.

VueMinder Calendar Lite - Main WindowVueMinder Calendar Lite - Main Window

VueMinder Calendar Lite offers the interactive desktop calendar with translucent interface. It allows you to have fast access to the events right from you desktop. It resembles the main window of the application. You can adjust opacity of the calendar and move it all over the desktop.

VueMinder Calendar Lite - DesktopVueMinder Calendar Lite - Desktop

The interface is sleek and intuitive. You want to use this calendar every free minute. And what is really amazing is that application is free.Conclusion: it is an outstanding way to keep all the important dates in one simple interface.

You will definitely benefit from using a calendar. You don’t need to waste the working time and figure out what to do next. All the events, dates and activities will be gathered in one place. It will help you not to forget the important information. If you haven’t had a calendar yet, you should try using it.