Apps You Need For Planning Your Wedding Apps You Need For Planning Your Wedding

Wedding is one of those events which we will remember until the end of our life. It usually brings happiness, a sense of wonder, and some quality time spent honeymooning. Young people often dream about their marriage, but once they become engaged, they face a lot of stressful problems having to make a little too many preparations and decisions. People usually start worrying about things like the wedding budget, the guest list, preparing invitations, the restaurant and hotel reservations, as well as choosing the wedding dress and accessories. All this brings about the fear of failure and leads to somewhat silly situations; and that is why automated planning may be the key to making your wedding a great success. This is where modern software steps in.

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Let's have a look at one of the most popular wedding planning programs today: iDo Wedding Couple Edition. Using it, you will be able to control all the preparation tasks, from printing and sending the invitations to entering the information about the arrival time of your guests; as well as little things like creating labels for the gifts. The program includes a big address book, where you can save some personal data about your friends and relatives; using a special filter, you can see the people who have accepted your invitation and those who've rejected it. What is really helpful here is that you can select the type of food preferred by each guest. This makes creating the menu list and estimating your food budget an easy task.

As regards other wedding relating expenses, you can calculate those in the “Budget” section, where they can be divided into categories. You just specify the estimated value of each expense, and the program will calculate the total amount for you; which, admittedly, does help in cases when you have to make a choice, and you're almost outside your budget.

iDo Wedding Main InterfaceiDo Wedding Main Interface

As you can see in the given picture, iDo Wedding offers some additional features as well, such as a notebook, seating layout, widgets and reports, etc. In case you fear to forget the many details related to your contracts (for example, musicians, florists, or photographers), you may want to enter that information into the “Vendor” section. The events themselves can be tracked in the “Events” tab; and in the “Timelines” you can write down your daily plans by hours. In order to see the complete picture of your wedding preparations, just enter the “Checklist” section and view all the tasks you still have to do. All in all, this program is a nearly perfect organizer, with just one downsize to it – it lacks a calendar.

Ask any bride and groom and they'll say that although wedding cares are pleasant bustles, it is certainly tiring to think about those expenses, plans, and organization, missing out on the romantic side of the occasion. It seems that the creators of the Google Weddings project intended to bring the atmosphere of joy and excitement back with the launch of their web service in February 2011. To be honest, Google didn't really introduce anything new there, but they certainly showed that familiar online tools can be used for wedding preparation purposes. There are four programs that compose the suite:

Google Sites: here you can share your love story by choosing some nice templates, adding some events, dates, and short descriptions. Creating love story photo sessions is widespread today, and this simple tool may really come in handy.

Picnik allows you to create and edit postcards, photos, and event invitations.

Everything you create there can be saved in Google docs, so that other users can access those images and documents without printing or copying. Google docs can be used to store your wedding plans, vendor contracts, budget calculations, etc.

Finally, we've got Picasa Web Albums, where your wedding pictures can be shared with your family members and friends.

Google Wedding MemoriesGoogle Wedding Memories

Once again, Google shows how you can get things done free, thinking up better uses for your family budget in the meantime and not having to download and install anything. Still, there are many other applications that can be used to simplify your pre-wedding bustles, and it's up to you which programs you choose and consider helpful. Most importantly, it's all about making sure your great holiday turns out well and that you remember how happy your were that day.

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Dear Victoria !

Thank you very much for the great article. I just have had the wedding myself. It was the best day of my life and I wish I had known about all these wonderful applications. I never had time just to look at it. But now I realize I should have done that.
I did all my preparations in Google Docs, it was pretty useful for us... I checked out the new Google Weddings project and found it very helpful for future wives. I will advise it to my girlfriends.
I wish the best to all brides and, please, have the patience to overcome all the difficulties. It is only the beginning...
Good luck to all!

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Yahoo thanks

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Referenced Windows applications

iDo Wedding Couple Edition

It is a multifunctional application, intended for planning wedding ceremonies.

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