More Opportunities For Trips With Google Maps

Google Maps has recently released a new set of features that will definitely improve user traveling experience. From now on, the whole map is interactive. That means you can click on any location to instantly see all information about the places nearby and ways to get there. The new measuring tool allows dropping points on the map and calculating distances between them. You can easily add one clicking on an empty area on the map and remove it by clicking on the existing point. It is also possible to tweak their position. The feature will be especially appreciated by runners or cyclists who are in need of measuring their routes by distance. Unfortunately, the tool is available only in the desktop version and has not released for mobiles yet.

Among the further novelties of this set, there are some Google Earth features now integrated into the map, an ability to create and share your own custom maps, as well as an option to add stars and user reviews to particular places, suggest some useful tips for travelers, recommend restaurants, museums, events, etc.

In other words, Google team has made a significant improvement to its popular web mapping service.