The Weekly Digest: September 1 — September 7


Hi everyone!

It was a great week: it's been a long time that we have seen so many thrilling news stories in a 7-day period. Even the close circle of the usual suspects, Samsung and Apple, put aside their patent feud and have grabbed our rapt attention with something completely different. Let's give a closer look to what the tech industry has come up with this week.


On Monday the world was buzzing about one more working conditions scandal in China. This time, Samsung hit the headlines with HEG, one of the company's manufacturers, was reported to be exploting the child labot. This has established one more connection between the Korean enterprise and its arch-nemesis Apple, which was also criticized for inhuman working condition in its Chinese factories this year.


Tuesday was not as dramatic and was reserved by us for calm reflections over the upcoming iPad Mini. We tried to make up a mini-round-up of what we can expect from Cupertino in their newest device and, most importantly, when we can expect it to be presented.


On Wednesday and Thursday we reported to you the news from the world of the big politics. First, a video of the Democrats' 2012 conference was blocked by YouTube due to possible copyright violations. One day later, the French authorities presented an account for the two years' work of Hadopi, the French national copyright issues agency. The modest results Hadopi has achieved since 2010 include 14 legal cases against the copyright offenders.


Finally, we concluded this week with a touching love story of our editor and a truck driver. Read about the modern gadgedts that have helped the two loving heart always be together.



There are four updates we would like to tell you about this week, each of them being a total must-have for any advanced Windows user.

Perhaps, the most important update is the new release of VMWare Player, a free application to create and play virtual machines. For the great many of you who have never heard about virtual machines: these are virtual models of computers, allowing you to run an OS within another OS, e.g. Linux in Windows. I hope, there is no need to say how handy can such an application be for you.

Another all-important freeware release is LibreOffice, the major free rival of Microsoft Office among the productivity suites. Even though it may have less features than its commercial counterpart and be generally less easy-to-use, LibreOffice will leave most of the regular users totally happy with what it has to offer for them.

The third release is Free Video Dub. In fact, the program title says it all: it allows you to slice your videos. Too easy a task? Well, I wouldn't say so: try to do it without this application. I can bet it can be a bit of a headache.

And the last but not the least program for your consideration is Audacity, a brilliant freeware media player, to which we even devoted one of our earlier articles. I think it's a sufficient recommendation for you to try this software out. Believe me, it's worth your time and effort.

So, that's it for this week. Now take a deep breath and get ready for having a great weekend!

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