The Weekly Digest: July 14 — July 20


Hi, everyone!

Hereby we present you the first of our weekly digests! With tons of new content brought to you by the SI editorial staff each week, it's easy to lose track and miss something you're interested in. That's why we decided to give you a hand: from this week on, each Friday we'll present you the best things that have been put up on Software Informer. The hottest news and juiciest gossip, the latest updates and funnest software SI has seen this week - all this and much more will await you here. So, take a deep breath and on we go!


This week has once again raised concerns about our privacy being under threat from Facebook. This time, the social networking giant has made a clean breast about its special software scanning user chats in search for sexually deviated people. But who can guarantee that Zuckerberg's creations will not abuse their newly acquired powers and refrain from using the scanware for other purposes?


Less disquieting news came from Microsoft, which has rolled out the beta version of Office 2013. The Redmond beast has infused new Metro blood into the veins of its flagship product... and it seems to have gone well for Office.


Another big talk point was Google's trolling attitude in regard to copyright infringing links. The search giant has inadvertently left a loophole for online pirates to distribute copyrighted content around the Web. However, the company is driven by good intentions: Page's guys wanted more transparency in their link removal procedures.


The Thursday highlight discussion gave you an insight into some of the tech offences that are actually no offences at all. A bit of help in this brand new tech manners world won't make any harm, will it?


Finally, this Friday saw an interesting analysis of yet another round of the lawsuit war between Apple and Samsung. This time, the troll of a British judge made Apple publicly apologize to Samsung for the plagiarism allegations. Is this news popcorn-compatible? Sure, it is!



As we've already said, the loudest fanfare comes to Microsoft and its revamped Office 2013. Just as many other products by Ballmer's team, the fresh version of the office suite finally looks pleasing to the eye and runs quite smoothly. At least, smooth enough not to annoy you.

Other highlight updates include a minor version release for LogMeIn, a network utility that helps you juggle with files and folders between various network computers.

Finally, the last but not least big update is a minor version release of Teamspeak. The program is considered as one of the mightiest freeware counterparts to Skype for conference talks, and so if you don't use it at your office yet, you can give it a try.

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