Gmail users can now receive attachments of up to 50 MB

I've got some good news for those who still use Gmail's attachments as a way to share files: according to an announcement that was recently posted on Google's blog, the IT giant has just beefed up the size of the attachments that you can receive to 50 MB. However, don't get too excited just yet, this change is only for the recipient side; as the sender of an email, you still won't be able to attach any file that's larger than the previously set 25 MB limit.

Since at first, I was a bit confused by the news, I'm going to try to explain it as simple as I can. Google has only improved the total size of a single email that you can receive to 50 MB (until now the total size of a single email couldn't be more than 25 MB). The maximum size of a single attachment is still just 25 MB, but from now on you can include two maximum-size attachments into a single email instead of having to send two separate emails. As far as I know, there are many people who still use attachments as a way to share photos, documents and other files, so this improvement is quite useful. Of course, if you need to share larger files, you can always do that using Google Drive directly from your email account.

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