Gmail to stop supporting Windows XP and Vista Gmail to stop supporting Windows XP and Vista

Google has recently announced that Gmail will no longer support Windows XP and Vista. There's no need to worry just yet, this won't happen until December 2017 and even after it does you will still be able to access your email account from your PC, but in a less secure environment. However, Google wants to make sure that its messages is being heard so, starting next week, everyone who is still using Chrome version 53 or older, will see a notification about updating the browser.

In total honesty, Google's announcement didn't say anything directly about XP or Vista, just talked about the fact that Gmail will stop supporting Chrome version 53 and older. Unfortunately, since Chrome version 49 is the latest one that can be installed on XP or Vista, you can see how this will be a problem specifically for those people. Once the change goes into effect, everyone who uses an outdated version of Chrome will be redirected to an unsafe HTTP Gmail connection and they will also no longer receive any new features and bug fixes. Lastly, the IT giant also restated that those who use older version of Chrome are more exposed to dangers of the Internet as they don't benefit from the latest security features included in the newer version of the browser.

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