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It is believed that it is very difficult to create something new, and there is some truth in this. Still, often we surrender to the fear of failure, forgetting that fear has magnifying eyes. The only thing to do for success is make the first move. Here are some useful applications that can help you start by keeping track of the work done, creating characters' names, generating ideas for you or your kids. The choice of a tool to use can differ depending on your proficiency level.

For Specialists

Mind-Map Your IdeasCharacters' Relations Chart

If you have an idea of a story to be told and only need some help in arranging your thoughts, try WriteItNow Novel Writing Software. This tool will keep your creations systematized. For example, you can create libraries of various data: characters, plot lines, scenes, etc. The most useful feature, to my mind, is the characters' relations chart – you will never forget who is who's daughter or foe.

Create a Wide Choice of Names to UseGenerate Names For Your Characters

In case you prefer paper notes on your wall as a mind map for the novel, but need some help in name creation, the Character Name Generator application may be a good choice. You can set the popularity, nation correspondence, gender and age group to get the results to suit your character. The program provides about a dozen names to choose from, which seems to be far than enough.

For Beginners

All Writer's Tools in One BoxEverything a Writer Needs

Dramatica Pro is a tool with a wider functionality, if compared to WriteItNow Software. This program allows you to access writing tips, to keep an eye on plot progression, to create a questionnaire for yourself to track your thoughts and preserve logic in your creation, etc. The total list is pretty large. Among all these, brainstorming is the feature I like the most. You will never run out of ideas to continue your story. Besides, the application is colorful and lifts up your mood in seconds. Dramatica Pro is good for beginners, providing all necessary tools and additional information to study.

For Kids

A Book Creator For Your KidsMake a Comics with Your Child

Cartoon Story Maker is a good choice if your child dreams of becoming a writer some day. Children like pictures and enjoy seeing the results of their work as soon as possible, usually not being fond of waiting. This creative tool allows them to make a cartoon or a comics out of any picture they want. The story may be as long as they wish, there is no limitation on number of frames to be used. Actually, the whole family can take part in the story creation: choose funny photos from your family vacation and make comics out of them. You will reach several goals at once: enjoy time spent together, have a creative photo album to show to your friends, and your kids will learn the basics of how to write a good story.

Summing up, if you feel the desire to write a short novel, don't put it aside in the fear of a failure - choose one of the applications and start the work. You might be surprised by the result.

If you were to write a story, what would it be about?


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Our story.

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That's funny.

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Help me find the language

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Did a native speaker edit Nova Vozrak's copy? The quality of her English is substandard and unidiomatic ("has magnifying eyes", "Kids shouldn't be forgotten too", "if your child dreams to become a writer", "writer's helping program", "make a comics", "I'd like to highlight that if you feel the desire to write a short novel, don't put it aside in the fear of a failure".

The various novel-writing tools may or not be useful, but Nova Vozrak's poor command of idiomatic English does nothing to convince the reader to check them out.

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Nova Vozrak

Thank you for paying close attention to our work. We appreciate the advice you gave. If you have any other comments and suggestions, please, contact our support team.

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That's a joy.

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About life and love.

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About not having faith.

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Mad Tra


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