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Do you like teasing your brains? In case you do, you might be a fan of the classic board games, like Chess and Reversi, which can be a good challenge for your skills in tactics, strategy, and logic. Now, new times bring new possibilities and old-school entertainment is now readily available on every PC for local and online play. So, without further ado, here are some of the board games you might enjoy, all without reaching away from your machine.

1. Reversi

Reversi: Simple and Joyful

The computer reincarnation of the game is built on the same principles as the board one. Your goal is to have more pieces of your color on the board than your opponent when the game ends. This game is played on a 8x8 uncheckered board with 64 pieces, each with 2 colors on its sides. Reversi is a game strictly for two players. A real, living opponent may be difficult to find sometimes; but in this case you can play both against real players and the computer. This is a big advantage of the electronic implementation of the game.

If you want to play Reversi on your PC you may try this application: ReversiFlex.

2. Chess

Chess: Game Session

Chess is favored by many people, as this board game offers a good balance between difficulty and enjoyment: it's very hard to master, but despite that you can't call it dull either, even if you're always losing. For those who may not know about chess: the goal of the game is to 'checkmate' the opponent's king piece. The game is played on a checkered board of 8x8 squares with the total of 32 figures of two colors. This game is very popular, and there are numerous tournaments held across the globe: local ones, country-wide, and international. The electronic version can hardly be viewed as anything more than a trainer, but it's good fun nonetheless.

These two applications that are worth trying: Real Chess and Grand Master Chess. They can help you master your skills before you face your first real opponent.

3. Dominoes

Dominoes: Trying the Gameplay

Dominoes is much easier and quicker than Chess or Reversi, but no less fun. In its classic form, it is a set of rectangular tiles with dots on them which allow for different games. They may be viewed as something like cards. One of the games involves disposing of all your tiles while not allowing the other players to do the same. PC-based domino apps provide you with several games to enjoy. You can develop your tactics, learn the games, and thus prepare for a real-life challenge.

The Ultimate Dominoes may be a good choice if you want to get acquainted with the game.

4. Mahjong

Mahjong Memoirs: Enjoy the Challenge

Mahjong is an Asian game originated in China. Played by four people, it is a pretty complicated game, with the goal being to form a legal hand by drawing and discarding tiles. It has many regional variations with certain differences in rules. PC versions of Mahjong usually feel somehow simplified and involve single-player solitaire-like gameplay: you generally have to free the board of tiles in pairs based on certain rules. Still, this doesn't make the game worse, it only makes it different; however, for this reason it is hard to call computer forms of the game helpful in terms of preparing for a round of old-school mahjong. But you can enjoy them as stand-alone games anyway.

You can try out these two to see what solitaire mahjong is about: Mahjong Memoirs and Mahjong Medley.

5. Monopoly

Monopoly: Check Your Business Skill

Monopoly is a board game which originated in the United States and is built around the concept of building a monopoly, as its name implies. Your aim is to become prosperous, while leading others to bankrupcy. It is a highly strategic game to check your business skills. Up to four players can play the game. Basically, it is played on a board which has certain sectors, and it involves cards, dice, and tokens. In computer versions all the calculations are done automatically; and if you do not have enough players, AI players will take their place.

Try this version of Monopoly for PC.

If you are interested in more variants of this game, read about them in our article "Play Monopoly on Your PC".

These five are among the most popular and widespread board games, and most of us have at least heard of some of them. Playing a PC version of a board game is okay when you can't find a human opponent to play with, or for training. Still, I guess you will agree that playing against a real person is much more interesting and fun, as you can do many other things while playing. So be sure to use put your skills to test with real opponents.

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Which of the board games do you play?