Useful Programs for Brilliant Students. Part II

Today, I am going to continue analyzing programs that might be very helpful for students. All educational applications that I have picked and described in the previous article and in the following one represent very easy-to-use tools that increase users' motivation and definitely improve the progress in studying. If you still get bored with students' duties and tasks, enjoy reading the articles.



A mistake in your writing always catches readers’ attention, be it just a slip of the pen or a deliberate misuse of a language. Fortunately, with today's special applications we may not worry about possible errors in our texts, research papers, essays, letters, and even business correspondence. Ginger is a multi-functional text editor that is created to improve the writing skills of its users. The program automatically checks grammar and spelling of words in a sentence and arranges the punctuation marks. It supports both British and American English, so that anyone can enhance the text in a preferable language variant. With Ginger you rephrase sentences in a better way; choose an appropriate synonym and idioms; have an ability to translate your text into 40 languages; use a build-in dictionary; listen to the speech of a native speaker, who reads your piece of writing with the correct pronunciation. All these features are absolutely free and available for downloading on PCs and mobile phones (iOS and Android). The only thing a student need to have is the Internet connection and an account on the Ginger's website.



Planning is an essential part of studying, that's why students need a reliable management tool for having calendars and to-do lists always to hand. StudyMinder can be a fresh solution to that challenge. The program is designed to organize homework, curricular classes, events. It offers an easy-to-use interface and reminds you of upcoming tasks, projects, and tests in pop-up messages. StudyMinder also displays your progress on each task and allows to schedule the required time to complete assignments. The program runs on Windows and has a 30 day trial period. The full version costs $29.95.



Portable Document Format (PDF) is a type of computer file we are fully familiar with. The ReadCube application is created especially for finding, reading, and organizing academic articles in pdf. This program identifies the author and the title of every article, turns all citations and names into links (so you can find the related articles). ReadCube allows users to highlight any sections of the documents and write notes within the client as well. The PDF reader is already integrated into the program, so you don't need a standalone reader.



If you have good knowledge, professional skills, and vast experience in a particular sphere and can't go into a remarkable career, probably, you still lack something... probably, a website! Today, people receive the real benefits from their personal web pages without paying much money for the programs to build them. And students can do the same. Drupal is an open source software package for web management and digital experiences that helps organize, manage, and publish the web content, notes and articles.



Almost all students know how hard it is to stay up late writing papers and preparing for exams. Except for a clear unwillingness to study, a person in that situation feels how his or her eyes are getting extremely tired. The reason for that may be a negative influence of computer lighting, which is unsuitable for night hours. In order to reduce such eye strain, the F.lux team has developed an eponymous application that controls the color of the display you work with. During the day it is very bright and at night it is warm and muted. F.lux makes your computer screen look like the room you're in. You can adapt all its settings to your preferences. The application is free and available for Windows, Linux, OS X, and iOS operating systems.

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