The Weekly Digest: September 8 — September 14


Hi everyone!

The last week was slightly dressed in mystery, as everyone was wondering if Apple were to announce the iPhone on Thursday or not. Yet, this was not the only happening in the world. Let's see what came out of these seven days.


The week began with Microsoft trying to prove that people use Google's searching service more of a habit than for other reasons. The latter seems to have won the race for now, as the evidence provided by Microsoft is not that convincing, lacking precise data.


Then the world's attention was caught by changed roles in courts between Samsung and Apple. This time the Korean company was rumored to begin a trial upon a technology patent, which was supposed to be used by Apple in the new device.


The middle of the week was a bit relaxing. A next version of the famous RPG shooter, called Borderlands, was in focus. It was interesting to find out how much different it will be from the first release. It proved to have what to dwell upon.


The next day was marked by the major event by Apple, introducing iPhone 5, which was held as expected and, in fact, proved most of the rumors, that have been flying around for several weeks before.


After the presentation, it was even more interesting to have a look at the inner side of the new device's production. There was what to be surprised with and rumor about.



There's been a number of interesting releases over the last few days. Let's take a look at some of them.

If you own a Samsung mobile device, you're probably familiar with Kies. The essential program for transferring content between your device and your PC (and back) has been updated to version 2.3.3, resolving several compatibility issues and growing to be more useful overall.

Subversion, the collaboration software of choice for many developers, has seen its 1.7.6 release. Making use of its new communication protocol, it keeps growing faster and more stable.

If you're one of those people who enjoy a centralized source of software in their OS and drool over the treasure trove that is Mac app store, you'll be glad to know that Pokki, an HTML5 app distribution platform for Windows, has been updated as well. It's database is expanding day by day, so you may want to check on the new features for yourself.

In the sound-related news, we've got a new version of Acoustica Mixcraft, an audio-MIDI sequencer. With its expanded library of effects, loops, instruments, etc., the new version does seem to need a few more tweaks and fixes.

Finally, we have Raptr updated to 2.1.5. The client application for a social network intended exclusively for gamers, with its own rewards, ranks, and discounts - that's something that's bound to be updated.


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