The Weekly Digest: July 21 — July 27


Hi, everyone!

The week's nearly over, so it's time for our weekly digest. Let's have a look at what has been on the go these days, what has captivated our attention and fascinated our imagination.


Monday is definitely not a day for big news: we all come to work with sleepy eyes and sit at our computers tortured by the fact that the weekend is over. Loud hype around a new OS or a new device is the last thing we need to stay cheerful on that day. Zombie games, on the contrary, are a perfect start of the week - that's why our Monday feature was about the best 5 zombie games.


Then came the turn of a more serious business: this week saw some important info about hardware acceleration in Windows 8 and the long-awaited release of MacOS X v10.8 "Mountain Lion". We tried out both and wrote about whether you should now expect your Windows 8 to run like Usain Bolt and what are the alleged killer features of the Apple release.


Finally, after paying close attention to both desktop OS giants, we took a more light-hearted tone and gave you an insight into the exotic world of the Uzbek Web with an article about a recently launched Uzbek social network YouFace. Summing it up in few words: you should check it out to see how you should not make social networks.



If you don't watch films or listen to music on your computer, your family name is most likely Flintstone. If you do, however, you're very likely to use K-Lite Codec Pack, the most popular codec pack in the world. This week has seen an update for K-Lite Mega, the most complete version of the pack, so now you can be sure your media players will work even better.

The users who prefer to be ahead of the pack were also catered for, with the new Aurora version released this week. Aurora is basically the development channel for Firefox, where Mozilla publishes half-baked alpha versions of the browser. So, if you download it, you will be among those who lay their hands on the new Firefox version first and directly contribute to its development.

Other important updates include Panda Cloud Antivirus (yes, the one collecting information from other antiviruses), McAfee Total Protection (another popular security program), Handbrake (one of the most popular DVD rippers), and Uniblue RegistryBooster (a registry tool).

So, that's it for this week. Have a nice weekend and watch the Olympics in London! =-)

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