Skype for Business Set to Arrive This Month Skype for Business Set to Arrive This Month

According to a recent post on Microsoft website, Skype for Business will make its official debut on the 14th of April. The product will be rolled out as an update for the Lync client, but the IT administrators will have full control over exactly how and when the new application gets to its individual users. Skype for Business Server will become available starting with May 1st on Microsoft's Volume Licensing service.

What's actually important is that the name of the product won't be the only thing changing as Skype for Business will come with several handy enhancements. For starters, the interface will look much more like the regular Skype UI, while also keeping the traits specific to Lync such as the Quick Action button (which offers the customers a quicker way to call and send instant messages). Furthermore, the entire set of emoticons that is available on the consumer version of the software will also be available for Skype for Business customers.

Lastly, Skype for Business will bring a few new features such as Call via Work or Skype directory integration, both of them are only available for those who are running Skype for Business Server 2015. The Call via Work feature will route voice calls from the application to the initiator's desktop phone, while Skype directory integration is a function which enables the Skype for Business users to connect with existing Skype commercial users through the Internet.

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