PC gaming at E3 2018

This year's PC Gaming Show just concluded and we got to see a lot of cool games being announced as well as some titles that didn't really manage to garner the attention they craved for. Since the event ended just several hours ago, I didn't have time to completely gather my thoughts, but my first impression is that we saw a large number of games being presented and, unfortunately, it was visible that some of these titles were only there as sponsored entries.

As far as triple A titles go, Square Enix's Just Cause 4 took the cake and was presented as a game with an "unrivaled" drawing distance, HDR support and high fidelity for destruction events. As far as the gameplay itself goes, you will now be able to employ tactics from Assassin's Creed and use crowds to hide from angry guards, kill people with a fish and make use of the already familiar weapons briefcase. The same company has also given us a glimpse into Hitman 2, which will have a picture-in-picture mode, allowing you to see other parts of the action in real time. Another really cool surprise came from SEGA, which announced that it will soon port some of its all-time-classics such as BayonettaShenmue I and II, Valkyria Chronicles 4,  Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami to PC.

In other news, I've seen three battle royale games being presented, but the only one that really caught my eye was Mavericks: Proving Grounds, which is now closed beta. If you like story-driven games, Neo Cab, is an upcoming title that will take you into the night life of a taxi-driver and Telltale Games is also gearing up to launch the last episode of its Walking Dead series. Speaking of the famous comic book, there will also be a more action-packed take on it created by Overkill, which will be launched in November. Lastly, I've really enjoyed the presentation of an open-world RPG called Man Eater where you play as a shark that eats humans.

There's not much left of E3 2018's schedule as Nintendo is set to host the last conference of the event later today, but if you're a fan of consoles and especially of the Switch device, then you'll surely get to see a few interesting announcements if you tune in.

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