Best FIFA games for Windows Best FIFA games for Windows

EA Sports has been making FIFA games for a very long time now and most people would think that thanks to the constant technological advancement, each incremental version would be better than the previous one. However, that's not always the case and some versions stand out more than the rest, being preferred or fondly remembered by the players. Here is a rundown of the best FIFA games that Electronic Arts has launched until now:

2010 FIFA World Cup2010 FIFA World Cup

2010 FIFA World Cup

The 2010 FIFA World Cup game was the first FIFA game to bring a bit of a change from the regular series, without going away from the pitch. The game featured the stadiums that hosted FIFA World Cup South Africa, the qualified teams and the exact group structure. In fact, I vaguely remember that in a few of my play-throughs, the game actually got the qualifying teams spot on from each of the simulated groups.

FIFA Street 2

FIFA Street 2FIFA Street 2

The second game from the street series, FIFA Street 2, was one that actually got the concept right. The graphics were pretty cool and the 4-on-4 game was done just right allowing the player to use a wide array of skills and some jaw-dropping passes. Furthermore, if you've played the game, I'm pretty sure you didn't forget your laughter the first time you saw the ball being hit so hard that it slammed the goalkeeper into the net.



As far as the classical FIFA series goes, FIFA 14 was a huge milestone and one of the most beloved games by the players. Besides the very notable improvements in graphics, dynamic weather environments and enhanced player mechanics, this was also the first title of the franchise to introduce the team chemistry concept as well as the Ultimate Team legends, which were a nightmare to beat at the highest difficulty setting.

FIFA Manager 14

FIFA Manager 14FIFA Manager 14

While regular FIFA games could get pretty repetitive and  in time you would eventually end up with a team having players of the highest-quality, FIFA Manager 14 had a more interesting gameplay, keeping you glued to the screen a lot longer. Since in this series the player took the role of a manager the controls were a little bit harder to master and attention to details was key to success as you couldn't directly control the action on the pitch.



I don't know if it's an age thing, but FIFA 12 was definitely my favorite game from the entire series. This was the version that first introduced the impact engine, which allowed the players on the pitch to collide with each other or with the referee as well as the tactical defending feature that let the players jockey for position and do more than just hop with the ball. FIFA 12 was also the first edition to be decisively better than its PES competitor, thus cementing the franchise's spot on the market.

There you have it friends, these are the best FIFA games that EA sports has published so far. However, when it comes to football simulators, FIFA games aren't the only ones on the market and you might also want to try out the Football Manager or PES series.



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