Microsoft Is Terminating Older Versions of IE Microsoft Is Terminating Older Versions of IE

In a recent blog post, Microsoft's Roger Capriotti confirmed that they are terminating support for older versions of Internet Explorer. Those who still use outdated versions of IE will have until the 12th of January 2016 to switch to a newer browser version supported on their operating systems. This means that the only Internet Explorer versions which will continue to offer technical support and security updates are IE9 for Vista and Server 2008, IE10 for Server 2012 and IE11 for 7 and superior versions of Windows.

After finally putting the ten year old IE6 version to rest, Microsoft continues its campaign aimed to completely replace outdated software by killing off IE7 and IE8. The main motive for this action is the security issues that made the two mentioned browsers an easy target for exploits and other malicious activities. Moreover, the older versions of Internet Explorer don't use the same modern website rendering standards as IE11 and are considerably slower as a result.

Roger Capriotti, the director of the Internet Explorer team at Microsoft, urged the clients to upgrade regularly and stay up-to-date with the latest browser versions in order to obtain a more secure and productive Internet-browsing experience. Furthermore, The Redmond-based company encourages its commercial customers to upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 and use the "Enterprise Mode", which offers backward compatibility for the apps designed to work on the old version of IE.

For more coverage on the subject check out the entire blog post here.

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