Beware Planet Earth Beware Planet Earth

Afraid them aliens will steal your cows? Well if you play your cogs right, they won’t. You can practice your strategic skills with this game called “Beware Planet Earth!” You are the hero trying to help the farm owner, Barney, save his cows from being abducted by the little green (and all sorts of colors and abilities) aliens. Intrigued, aren't we?

The premise of the game is pretty hilarious: this guy, Barney, he's stuck in the outhouse, and he keeps making various state-of-the-art machines to protect his herd of cows from the little green men. You are in charge of placing those machines strategically around the field so as to kill the aliens before they drag all of the cows into their flying saucer. And trust me, some of those aliens are quick as a bullet.

Aliens' Attack in Summer

The whole ordeal lasts for 4 seasons. That is 46 levels in total. Playing this game in no-time-for-a-bathroom-break mode would take you nearly eight hours to complete. However, it is my opinion that you may want to stretch your fun over a few days.

As the intensity of the levels increases, the machines produced by Barney in the outhouse become more powerful and advanced. They will cost you cogs that are made by a specific machine. Replacing any of the placed machines will yield you a cog, and so will blowing up a haystack in the field. Just make sure you use your cogs wisely and you will save all the cows!

Winter Is at the Door

The game developers coded in two levels of difficulty. The regular play is available upon your first run of the game. When you reach the end of the game and you feel like you want to be more challenged, download a patch from the game’s website (unless it was already included in your game download) and enable the “Veteran Mode” in the options menu. This mode will make your zapper (out-of-space alien gun) less effective, while the aliens will become more durable and faster moving. Trust me, it will be quite difficult but totally doable.

Another quick word of appreciation goes to the game's tunes. They literally get under your skin, in a good sense. The developers did not try to hide the tracks inside obscure file names and extensions, so those music tracks are readily available inside the game’s folder on your hard drive. That was a pleasant bonus to me, as I really like some of those tunes and do not mind having them in my music collection.

The Big Boss Is Coming

I recommend this game to all of you who are stressed out and need an outlet for your negative emotions. I experience a little fit of joy every time I see and hear an alien explode from one of my wisely placed machines. Maybe it will work for you as well. I'd love to hear your responses about the game and how it maybe helps you in the comments below. So stop reading and get to it, I am sure you will love it.

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