10 Incredible Plug-ins to Enhance Your Photoshop Experience 10 Incredible Plug-ins to Enhance Your Photoshop Experience

No doubt, Adobe Photoshop is one of the most well-known professional image editing programs. But even though with each new release Photoshop becomes more powerful and acquires fresh capabilities, it might still have its limitations. If you can't find the needed tool in Photoshop, don’t worry – there's a whole pile of available plugins that will extend your creativity and speed up your workflow. We've rounded up 10 awesome Adobe Photoshop extensions to help you make the most out of the program.

Filter Forge

Filter Forge effectsFilter Forge effects

Filter Forge puts at your disposal literally a myriad of textures and filter effects. Moreover, this Photoshop plug-in lets you create your own effects and submit them to the Filter Forge library. If your filter gets popular among other users, you are awarded with a free copy of the tool.
Price: $79, offers a 30-day trial

Perfect Resize

Perfect ResizePerfect Resize

With Perfect Resize, you can enlarge your photos in Photoshop without losing details. The tool comes with the patented Genuine Fractals technology that helps you increase the resolution of your images or scale medium-resolution photos to achieve print-quality output. Perfect Resize is also good for cropping and straightening pictures.
Price: $79,95, offers a 30-day trial

Exposure 7

Exposure 7 provides you with a wide array of creative focus, lens simulation, vintage, and light effects. The most incredible option that this extension offers is an extensive range of effects that will add the look of famous film emulsions to your photos.
Price: $149, offers a trial


Velositey is a free Photoshop extension with over 60 templates you can use to create your website. The tool is designed to speed up your working process by performing all the “boring” job for you and letting you focus on more creative work while making the website.
Price: freeware

Kubota Texture Tools Industrial Pak

Kubota Texture Tools Industrial PakKubota Texture Tools Industrial Pak

Kubota Texture Tools Industrial Pak delivers a vast variety of textures, borders, and templates to apply techno-industrial style to your photos. The plug-in also allows you to manipulate your images using the rotation, changing opacity, tone down color, or changing the size of the textures options.
Price: $69, offers a 14-day trial

Topaz Adjust

Topaz AdjustTopaz Adjust

Topaz Adjust will help you create incredible detailed HDR-like images from a single shot. The add-in offers plenty of amazing effects to make your photos much more vibrant, bright, and colorful.
Price: $49.99, offers a 30-day trial

Photomatix Pro

Photomatix ProPhotomatix Pro

Photomatix Pro provides an easy way to create stunning HDR images from three or more differently exposed photos. In addition, it includes two very handy options: selective deghosting that helps you get rid of so called ghosts in dynamic scenes and batch processing that will let you apply the same effect to multiple images.
Price: $99, offers a trial



virtualPhotographer comes with a plethora of photo presets. The plug-in lets you tweak film grain, color, B/W, soft focus, high contrast, and more to achieve the best look of your photo. There is also a great split screen preview that lets you compare before and after results of a photo effect.
Price: freeware


WebZap is an awesome Photoshop plugin that helps web designers increase their workflow. Using the tool, you can create your layout based on a 960 grid system. In addition, WebZap is able to generate other common user interface elements in various styles and colors.
Price: $19


Renamy is another functional tool that is designed to help you select and instantly rename multiple layers. The plugin also lets you use its handy autocomplete feature and simple text to find and replace layer names.
Price: $14.99, offers a free demo version

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