No more worries about the pictures of yours!

Have you ever been discontent with the pictures of yours? Have you ever sighed: “I wish that there weren't any wrinkles here or there”; “This spot spoils the whole image of mine!” or “My legs could look slimmer”? I'm sure you have.

Beauty guide software may stop you groaning about such a delicate matter!

This software is exactly what you are looking for. With the help of this photo editing tool with a pretty icon in the form of a cosmetic bag you will be able to make your face a face from the glossy. It will enable you to remove all the rough edges you are displeased with on your face or body.

At the very least, you will have an opportunity to put up a make-up on your face: to apply lipstick, eye shadows, powder, rouge etc., to name but a few.



To go to more drastic changes, the software enables you to remove moles, these annoying wrinkles, reduce swellings, and to make face plastic whatsoever. As an example, you can make your nose more accurate, naughtily retroussed or to make you lips plumpy and the eyes attractively bigger.



Within the program there are demonstration modes of every tool available within the software, where the user can observe the process of enhancing people images. There you will be able to observe paunches made slender with a body plastic tool and faces prettier with lots of enhancement tools. Besides, you may add legends to the objects you wish to outline for some reason.

It all seems to be great, but, basing on my own experience, I found it a bit hard to apply cosmetics or bleach the teeth with a mouse. A minor trembling of my hand spoiled the make-up, then I had to use an undo-tool and so on. Thus the process appeared to be not so simple as it seemed in the tools demonstration.


The trial version, also called 'light' surely has some limitations: some tools are missing, and also the image with 'improved' version of you is allowed to be saved only in a rare, as they say, .tpi format.

Certainly, such programs are not on a par with Adobe Photoshop, but still they have some privileges, such as the absence of the steep learning curve; the possibility to try how the application works; and a much lower prise imposed on the full version of the software.


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