Three new Edge extensions are now available on Windows 10

Microsoft has just announced that three new Edge extensions that have been tested by those in the Insider program have now made it to the mainstream version of Windows 10. As you already know, it took the company a long while to enable extensions in Edge and when they finally did so, there were only a few of them that you could use. With these recent additions, the Edge Extensions category from the Windows Store now contains a grand total of 16 items.

In case you're curios, here are the new available add-ons:

  • Turn Off the Lights is an extension that will provide a more pleasant video-watching experience for Edge users. Basically, this tool will darken all the other areas of your browser, helping you focus on the video that you're currently watching.
  • Microsoft Personal Shopping Assistant is quite handy if you do a lot of online shopping. The extension keeps a history of the products that you've recently looked at and also allows you to create a list with your favorite items.
  • Tampermonkey will help out coders, being one of the most popular userscript managers on the market. This tool helps you edit and manage your userscripts, lets you quickly enable and disable them and provides full Windows access.

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