Take a Better Screenshot Image with Snagit, Jing and Skitch Take a Better Screenshot Image with Snagit, Jing and Skitch

When it comes to puter troubles that require a visual aid, taking a screenshot is evidently a handy and hassle-free trick. Here go the three most popular screen capture applications, so take a peek and pick up the best one.


Dominating in the field of screen capturing tools, Snagit will readily help you visually demonstrate what you are to explain. From creating presentations and manuals to taking a snapshot of an application window, Snagit seems to embrace all the available capture methods. Apart from image- and video-capture, the application impresses with its use of filters to enhance the overall look of targeted items and its other valuable features, like a video trimming utility or batch file converter. Once you're done with shooting a tutorial, for instance, you can upload it to YouTube or to any site that uses FTP from directly inside Snagit that should streamline the whole process and, accordingly, save some time.


Jing CaptureJing Capture

Jing exactly can be called the Snagit's baby brother, that is distributed as freeware, yet comprises almost all the same options: a screen grabber, video recording tool, and easy file sharing. Upon installation, you're required to set up an account at Screencast.com, where you get 2GB worth of storage for on-line sharing, and set Jing to upload recorded items to your Flickr or YouTube accounts. The application takes the form of a sun-shaped icon with three spires, where the left one captures anything on your screen, the middle one displays your capture history, and the right spire covers the options. Some basic image editing features are provided as well, still they can hardly be compared with those Snagit offers.


Initially launched by Everyone for Mac OS, Skitch is more than just a screenshot-taking application. Being absolutely freeware, it allows you to highlight any important objects on captured items by adding arrows, shapes, and text of different colors, apply the marker to draw freehand shapes, crop an image to leave only the main aspect and, consequently, turn your ideas into reality in the simplest way. As an additional feature, Skitch comprises “Drag Me Bar” option, the quickest and innovative way to bring your screenshoots into documents, e-mail, or other applications to share with others. All in all, Skitch definitely does its bit and those who always crave for simple and featured tools, will enjoy all its options and intuitive interface.


I think for taking screenshots GREENSHOT ( it is free ) is better.

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If you think Greenshot is great check out Sharex (also free open software).

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Very useful tools for work!

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