Microsoft: Charging Trousers to Top Up Your Phone's Battery Microsoft: Charging Trousers to Top Up Your Phone's Battery

If you are a happy owner of Nokia Lumia 930 phone or any other phone that is utilizing Qi wireless charging technology, than there is a reason for you to become even happier thanks to British designer Adrien Sauvage. Quite soon you will be able to buy a pair of trousers that will allow you to charge your phone just by carrying it in your pocket.

The inductive charging technology comes from portable wireless charging plate DC-50 for Lumia smartphones. The plate is woven behind the front pocket and charging starts when you place a compatible device inside the pocket.

The Marketing Director for Microsoft Mobile (UK and Ireland), Adam Johnson, commented: “We have a proud history of working within fashion, having previously collaborated with Bruce Weber and David Bailey, as well as recent partnerships at New York and London Fashion Week. Continuing this theme, we are excited to work alongside a talented designer such as A. Sauvage. As well as having the vision to co-create these amazing wireless charging trousers, his style complements the cutting-edge design of the new Lumia 930 smartphone perfectly.”

Sauvage claims the trousers will be available for pre-order via Amazon soon for about $340. The price is definitely not the most affordable, however, this event can motivate other clothing manufacturers to produce cheaper alternatives.

And just the last note: if you decide to aquire a pair, make sure you won’t throw them in the washing machine. The charging plate won't like it.

Adrien Sauvage (on the left) and his pantsAdrien Sauvage (on the left)