Have a look at your future baby Have a look at your future baby

Every girl dreams of her future baby and imagines how it will look like. If it is a girl – it will be a beautiful princess, a boy – a handsome guy with regular features or a pretty kid resembling her beloved man.

BabyMaker will be able to satisfy the curiosity and let you glance at your would-be kid with a potential partner.

I think it is made purely for entertainment, though the authors of the software state in no uncertain terms that "BabyMaker is based on the newest facial recognition technologies. The program carefully analyzes the two faces, detects their facial features, and applies sophisticated mathematical transformations to these facial features to show a totally new face".

I doubt that it is really so. While it is true that the baby's face often looks like the two parents both in the software and in practice, in reality children sometimes look so different from their mother and father, or even resemble their grandparents, that these "newest facial recognition technologies" fail.

What attracts in this tool is its great simplicity - you just download two pictures of the potential parents and get the result. You just need to find portrait photographs with no sunglasses or hair covering the face, which is not so hard, to my mind.

Having downloaded the pictures, you are offered to choose the ethnicity (there are three included) and sex of the future child. Then the program will tactfully ask you to wait a bit while it is "making your baby".

Choose the appearanceChoose the appearance

In my personal experience with the program (the trial version let me create only three virtual babies and didn't allow me to save the results) I tried to "make a baby" with my once favorite famous actor Josh Holloway. I will never have a chance to verify the result though (obviously), but you have a chance to have a look at it.

Holloway JuniorHolloway Junior

Also I decided to make a kind of a little investigation - to "cross" my cousin with her husband, get the result and compare it with the picture of their real baby. The outcome didn't satisfy me, as the virtual baby's face wasn't similar to the real one at all. Surely, in reality the child could have been like the one returned by the software, as the real baby resembles his mother and here the program created a father-alike boy.

Virtual babyVirtual baby

Real babyReal baby

It would be fun to load the pictures of your parents and make 'alternative appearances' of yourself. Then you will have a real chance to verify the results at once.

To draw the conclusion, I would say that the tool may entertain you and your friends and let you spend some joyful time. It would be amusing to cross some of your friends and show them their would-be babies for fun.

Later on, you will possibly be able to check the results.

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