Google might have found a way to bypass ad-blocking apps

It seems that the new logo is not the only bad idea Google came up with recently. Well, bypassing apps like AdBlock is actually good for the megacorp, as the ads have always been the main source of revenue for the company. However, many YouTube users were frustrated after finding out they could no longer skip ads that appear before or during the videos.

As a rule, you are allowed to skip the YouTube ad after a couple of seconds, but some of the users who have the AdBlock extension installed for Chrome report that there is no way to skip it, unless you turn off AdBlock. Other browsers seem to work fine, so if the adverts annoy you, it might be a good idea to use an alternative browser until things change.

There is still no word from Google, so this might be a sort of test to see how public reacts. Nevertheless, the developers of ad-blocking software are pretty optimistic about the situation. Sky News reports that Ben Williams from AdBlock Plus “expects Google to fix” Chrome and resolve this issue.


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