Best time-management tools to use in 2022 Best time-management tools to use in 2022

Time management software can help you boost your productivity by keeping track of your time and optimizing different processes and activities. You can find a ton of various time-management solutions on the market, so it can be rather hard to choose which tool suits you best. In this article, we’ve rounded up the best time-management software available to organize your time more efficiently and work more effectively.


RescueTime (Image Credit: RescueTime)RescueTime (Image Credit: RescueTime)

RescueTime is a productivity reporting program that will help you analyze how much time you’re spending on certain activities. It comes with great reporting features and allows you to pause and unpause time tracking. Furthermore, you can set goals and get alerts when they have been accomplished. To become more focused and avoid distractions the software allows you to block certain websites. RescueTime is free to use. The premium version comes at $9 per month and can be tried for 14 days. The solution is available on iOS, Android, and Desktop.


Todoist (Image Credit: Todoist)Todoist (Image Credit: Todoist)

With Todoist, you can schedule all your tasks and activities to plan your time effectively. The solution allows you to create tasks, give them different levels of priority using various flags, set due date, and add notes. In addition you can visualize your progress. The program offers free and premium versions. Even though the free plan provides a wide arsenal of tools, you still might want to upgrade to a paid plan to get such extra options as automatic reminders, template creation, and automatic backup of data. Todoist is available on a wide variety of platforms, including iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows.


TimeCamp (Image Credit: TimeCamp)TimeCamp (Image Credit: TimeCamp)

TimeCamp will let you automatically track time on your PC or your mobile phone. You can add time to your tasks and subtasks and assign them to a project. The solution can be used to monitor the time that your team spent on a project and keep track of their productivity. You can choose from two available timesheets, namely textual or graphic. It is also possible to integrate TimeCamp with over a hundred of popular apps and platforms. The program has four different plans: Free, Basic, Pro, and Enterprise.


TMetric (Image credit: TMetric)TMetric (Image credit: TMetric)

TMetric is suitable for both individuals and teams. Besides task management and project management the program includes such options as billing and invoicing. TMetric provides a visual timeline that lets you see your working hours, activities, breaks, and other details and provides more visibility and transparency in managing projects. The time-management solution works across multiple device platforms, syncs, and integrates with a wide range of tools and apps. The program offers a free tier that supports up to 5 users. More features like billable rates, task management, unlimited users, tasks and todo lists are available in Business and Professional plans.


Chrometa (Image Credit: Chrometa)Chrometa (Image Credit: Chrometa)

Chrometa offers a wide range of team and project management features, including automated time-tracking and work tagging, invoicing, and time usage and productivity reports. Moreover, it lets you track visited websites and records time spent on apps, documents, files, or emails. Chrometa integrates with multiple popular accounting applications and has desktop and mobile apps that allow you to keep track of your activities. The solution has no free plan. It is available in three plans (Standard, Plus, and Premium) starting at $19/month and offers a 30-day free trial for each of them.

The above list includes best time management solutions available on the market. All of them offer free plans or trials for premium versions. Pick the one that suits you best, and start getting more productive.