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Though asynchronous communications are no longer used as often as they were just a few years ago, the email is still one of the most popular methods of getting in touch, especially when you're communicating in an official capacity. This means that whether you want to or not, at one point or another, you're going to be forced to deal with emails. Here, you will find a few tips and tricks that will make your interactions with emails quicker, easier and more effective.

Migrating from Yahoo to Gmail

Let's begin with a short guide on how to migrate your emails and contacts from Yahoo Mail to Gmail. For those of you who don't know Yahoo has already been the victim of some of the world's biggest data breaches and it's in the process of being purchased by Verizon, so I recommend moving away from the service as soon as possible. In case you want to heed my advice here's how you can migrate to Gmail without losing your emails or contacts:

First, go into your Yahoo account and gather all the emails that you want to migrate into a separate folder in your Inbox. Next, open your Gmail account, click the cog icon from the upper-right corner, then select Settings and go to the fourth tab, the one named Accounts and Import. In the page that opens up click the Import mails and contacts option, enter the email that you want to import from, then click continue and provide your Yahoo credentials. Lastly, agree to the usage of ShuttleCloud Migration, then follow the steps to import your emails, contacts and even automatically move the emails that will arrive in the next 30 days. Just know that if you're dealing with numerous emails, the process might take up to two days, so don't panic if all your data isn't instantly imported.

Quicker sorting in Outlook

In case you're dealing with numerous emails on a daily basis, you're going to need to learn to quickly move them around in order to keep them sorted. If you use Outlook, there are a few ways for you to do this: the simplest solution is to select all the emails that you want to move to a specific destination, then click one of them and keep the mouse pressed as you drag the items over the destination folder. Once the cursor reaches that folder, release the mouse button and the moving process will begin. If you're moving one or just a few emails at a time into many different folders, the simplest way to do this is to use keyboard shortcuts. Just open the respective email, press Ctrl+Shift+V, then highlight the desired folder and press Enter or click on OK.

Additionally, in case you want to edit the subject or the body of the emails that you're organizing, simply double-click them, then go to Move -> Actions (Other Actions if you're still using Outlook 2007)-> Edit Message, make your changes and press Ctrl+S to save.

Unfortunately, this is it for now, but if you want to learn even more email-related things, I recommend finding out how to make Gmail work better for you.

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