Best Apps to Gauge Your IQ Best Apps to Gauge Your IQ

Still wondering whether you have intellectual bragging rights over your friends or should really work out your brains more? These well-known IQ tests are here to test your mental capacity and find out how good you are at using your brain.

IQ or Intelligence Quotient is a value, a number, that supposedly reflects your intelligence level and reasoning skills based on the results of standardized brain assessment tests. These tests are what you will find in this article, so read on and choose the best one.

IQ Identity Quest

IQ Identity Quest: Word Game

For me, IQ Identity Quest is the most appealing way to gauge my IQ. The application includes a whole range of self-discovery tests, all made into a collection of puzzle games to measure your intelligence. All these fun quizzes will allow you to improve such aspects of your mental skills, as memory, logic, language, and intuition; and this is done by immersing you in a captivating adventure that you will follow throughout the game.

IQ Trainer

IQ Trainer

This simple program is based on a neurophysiologic mechanism called “back propagation”; and it is aimed to activate those parts of your brain that commonly remain unused. The idea of IQ Trainer is to provide you with texts based on the back propagation algorithm, and those are claimed to increase your Intelligence Quotient by up to 40%, as well as improve your general intellectual activities that you perform on a daily basis. So, to get smarter and more quick-witted, you only need to read these texts for 5 minutes twice a day, thus stimulating the neural networks of your brain.

Core IQ Builder

Core IQ Builder

Core IQ Builder will remind you all those numerous IQ tests available on the Internet comprising scientifically validated questions to assess your intellectual abilities, potential, and sometimes even personality. Doing these tests will get you a score, the coveted three-digit number, which is supposed to show your current IQ. The tests themselves involve a number of picture-based and verbal multiple-choice questions, where you either select an answer or, if you are stuck, move on to the next question. When you solve all the questions or the time is up, the application will immediately display your IQ score and explain those questions that you couldn't answer.

All these fun IQ tests are good in their own right. Using different approaches to exercise your brain cells is a wise thing to do, which makes all these applications equally practical. And the fact that they're also quite entertaining makes you concentrate your efforts and finally get those answers right. So I recommend you give them all a shot, and then share your results in the comments below.

Which of these apps improves your IQ better?