Xbox Game Preview set to arrive on Windows 10 desktops

Microsoft's response to Steam Early Access is arriving to Windows 10 PCs. After launching the Xbox Game Preview program almost one year ago, the IT giant is now ready to bring it to computers as well. According to an announcement posted on the official Xbox website, Everspace, a single-player space shooter developed by the RockFish Studios, will be the first Xbox Game Preview item that will become available on PC and it will happen "later this year".

For those of you who aren't familiar with the topic, the Xbox Game Preview is a program that allows people to purchase and play games that are still in development. This kind of early access program, doesn't only help the game creators gather enough money to keep working on their projects, but also makes it possible to assess the level of engagement that their products will have. Furthermore, the fact that the players can be involved in the game-creation process is highly beneficial for both parties.

In the previously mentioned announcement, the IT giant stated that Everspace won't be the only game preview available and that there will be many more to come, but the company didn't actually offer any other names.

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