Windows 10 Creator Update will bring a much improved Edge Windows 10 Creator Update will bring a much improved Edge

It seems that gamers and graphic designers won't be the only ones happy when the Windows 10 Creator Update starts rolling out this April. According to a recent announcement made by the IT giant's staff, Edge is also getting quite a few important improvements. From what I've read, the main focus of the update is enhancing the web browser's organizational capabilities by providing better ways for the users to manage their tabs, but other areas will be improved as well.

Once the Creator Update rolls out, Edge's users will be able to easily see all their opened tabs as thumbnails in a new tab preview bar and quickly sort which of them should stay opened and which should be closed. The online shopping experience will be more secure with the implementation of the Payment Request API and the added support for Microsoft Wallet. Furthermore, since we're talking about online shopping, I should remind you that Edge will also be the main EPUB viewer for the new ebook catalog in the Windows Store. Lastly, Windows 10's default browser will have 3D browsing capabilities as its engineers are working on adding support for WebVR.

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