Virtual horse. Care. Ride. Compete. Virtual horse. Care. Ride. Compete.

The horse. They've been around people for thousand, even millions of years. What is it for you? Another domestic animal? Another type of transport, but an outdated one?

Winston Churchill once said “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man” and he was right. People who are passionate for horses will grasp the point. A horse feels when you're happy, knows when you're comfortable, senses when you're confident...And always knows when you have carrots (and surprises when you haven't).

In real life, a horse may be faithful only to one person. It really happened when the horses didn't obey other people, being attached to its owner. Such a behaviour speaks for itself.

'My horse and me 2' – is a sequel of the game 'My horse and me' accordingly. The great difference is that it has a demo to try the game for free.This software has so much to offer. It provides you with the guidance on everything you need to know about caring for the horse and riding. This simulation game lets you choose the player - an owner of the horse; the required equipment for you and your horse. For me, to tell the truth, it is the favourite part of the game – when I plunge into my dreams of choosing my OWN horse: its breed, colour, age etc. This game may be used as a manual to educate horse owners and riders. The purpose of the game is to teach the basic riding skills in theory, if are a novice in riding. A thorough instructor will guide you along the way through the riding lessons and tactfully correct you if you do something wrong. Such skills will serve you right on the back of the real horse while training.

Moreover, the game gives you a great possibility to take part in show jumping and dressing-out competitions.

Show jumpingShow jumping

But this is not the main point of the game, to my mind. This is the changing attitude to the horse of those, indifferent to this amazing animal. This is to show that there is a real bond between the humans and the horses. To show that there is a direct connection between how you treat the horse and its attitude towards you - the rider, the owner. In this game the attitude between you and your house and its well-being is indicated with the help of different signs, like appearing hearts, apples, bubbles etc. accordingly. You will always know how your loving pet feels about what is going on.

The game reminds me “The Sims” game that has a similar tactics of treating your Sims members, and the way the game is processed.

I would point out the graphics of the game, that are so vivid and are so real, that it seems as if you are transferred to the riding hall or to the drill ground, sitting right on the back of your horse, thanks to the first-person view of the game.

First-person viewFirst-person view

Surely, it won't replace the real communication with the horse and the emotions you get from it, but, as a simulation, the game will be just the next best thing.