The Mobile Internet Browser War is Imminent! The Mobile Internet Browser War is Imminent!

Today, I've read in the news that Mozilla, a company that is behind Firefox web browser, released 2012 roadmap for their popular browser. Besides concentrating on catching up with Chrome, web browser by Google, in terms of add-ons, synchronization of the bookmarks, and silent updates, the company wishes to concentrate on and speed up the development of the Firefox mobile version. I sense the Mobile Internet Browser War is imminent!

I like simplicity in my life, therefore, I am more inclined to use the same browser across all of my computing devices. However, I am forced to use Dolphin Browser HD on my Galaxy Tab running Android 3.2. And, to be honest, I quite like it. In a way, if it was available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, I would switch to it completely across all devices in a heartbeat. Both Google and Mozilla acknowledge their absence in that market and are working hard on bringing in their products to their devoted audience on mobile devices. Mozilla outlined their goal for a mobile version in 2012, while Google's Chrome was recently released to be beta-tested by the general public. Will Google be ahead of Mozilla, yet again? On a different platform?

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What is your preferred browser on your cell phone or tablet?


Mercury browser on iPad

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+1, me too

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What browser for Nokia is the best? UC, Opera, Dolphin or what?

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Yulian Rohmy

As a fan devoted to Google Chrome, I can't find any reasons not to use its mobile version. User-friendly, easy-to-use... So why not? I'm not a user that is a profound one, therefore, I can't even name its slight disadvantages)

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Lucky you enjoying a smartphone with ICS... I look forward to the update, so that I could finally use my the browser I'm so used to.. But they say, it won't support flash, which means, half of the whole Internet will be out of range.

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Nokia browser.

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