Valentine's Day Gifts for Her Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Dear Friend,

okay, we both know why you are here. St Valentine's Day has sneaked up absolutely unnoticed, and now you're desperately trying to find a lovely present for your significant one. Well, I hope you wouldn't mind a lady stepping up for you and offering some help at this difficult time :)

Browsing through online stores, I've come across some cute and inexpensive devices that may appeal to your girlfriend. Well, some eight years ago I would doubt if such things could come in handy for a woman. As for today, many girls will really find these presents useful and nice.

The first is a 4GB USB flash drive. The remarkable thing about it is the design: it looks like a funny rubber penguin (not to mention the way you open it – which is also a way to protect the cover from being lost), and costs only $19.99. At least, it will always remind her of you:

Penguin Flash DrivePenguin Flash Drive

Another gift idea I found quite unusual and nice is an innovative computer mouse by Genius. We, girls, are sophisticated creatures, and we love everything that's beautiful. It's even better when it is something that nobody has seen before, something unique... So, the features mentioned above are absolutely applicable to this pen-like mouse. However, despite being so unusual, it is still very convenient. It is said to be human-oriented, so no learning curve is required. One of its features is a plug-and-forget receiver to prevent breakage when using a laptop or desktop. The device is sold together with a travel case for protection.

Pen Mouse by GeniusPen Mouse by Genius

These were only two gift ideas, and I'm sure that you'll find more nice unusual things if you really want to please your girlfriend. If you still fail to buy a present, try to make something by yourself. It may be a poster, or a gift card (by the way, check out our another article to find out how to do it with your hands down), or even a bunch of roses made of splash paper. Or at least buy a real bunch of flowers for her, and, crucially – make her smile. Happy Valentine's Day!

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What would you like to get as a present for the next Valentine's Day?



Flowers!!! I want to roll in flowers! And may be a gadget that won't hit his budget!

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I would like to get a new Android phone. Even if it is a Chinese fake for 200 bucks, I will take it As long as it is running Android 4.0 though... I will be super happy!

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Thank you very much.

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I'm glad you found it interesting

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Thank you a lot!!!

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Whoo what a nice amaze produce

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Marisa Therezza

Dear boys, be armed with these pieces of advice. And don't forget about flowers, of course!
I wish my husband read the article and presented me with this charming penguin).

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I wish I got such a genuine mouse as a present, I guess it's really convenient when using laptop. An ordinary wired mouse is hard to transport.

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I don't even doubt this one will perfectly fit into a small bag

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