Simple tools to create notes and stick them on your desktop Simple tools to create notes and stick them on your desktop

Can you boast of being a disciplined person? I think that every person can feel scatterbrained or get overloaded with plenty of work. Here, it's of crucial importance not to forget any trifle to meet the deadline and efficiently tackle any task.
If you memory occasionally plays tricks on you, you may check out these Windows sticky notes tools that allow leaving notifications right on your desktop.

Simple Sticky Notes

Simple Sticky NotesSimple Sticky Notes

Simple Sticky Notes by Simnet Limited is the perfect choice for you to keep all the important events in mind. The program has a user friendly interface and is extremely easy to manage.

To start with, this tool doesn't feature a main window: after installing this tool, you have one note already created on your desktop. There are three pop-up menus to fully customize your notification to your taste. Right-clicking a note's title enables you to alter its opacity level and background color, share it by email or in social networks, remove or hide it, generate a new notification, etc.

If you right-click the note's body, the program lets you insert, cut or copy the text, set a date, clear formatting, select fonts and styles, and so on. You can find the third pop-up menu by clicking on the tool's icon in the Tray bar. In doing this, you are able to get access to settings and easily manage new notes. Moreover, the software allows for configuring the exact date and time for the alarm to sound. This way, you never miss an upcoming event.



NoteZilla by Conceptworld Corporation is another decent sticky note tool for you to create to-do lists and sync them between your devices.

Using this program, you can generate sticky notes and locate them on the top. That seems to be quite convenient, as your notifications can be applied to any open window like websites, documents, etc. Also, NoteZilla enables you to not only to customize a notification to your taste (change the skin, color and transparency) but also to add pics in order to make your notes even catchier.

Moreover, the software lets you get rid of notes from the desktop as soon as they are ticked off, save them in a special folder called Memoboard, adjust tags and easily search for them if necessary. In Preferences, you can configure the settings of when and where to show your notes and set the reminder. The program is so demonstrative and easy-to-use that you should give it a try.

Efficient Sticky Notes

Efficient Sticky NotesEfficient Sticky Notes

Efficient Sticky Notes by Efficient Software is also worth checking out as a sticky post-it notes program.

The same story: it allows for full customization of your notes and placing of them on your Windows desktop. This program offers you all the options to change background colors, fonts and styles of the interface and apply the translucency effect as well. Furthermore, you can categorize your notes and obtain easy access to them in groups whenever you have the need. The final big advantage of this tool is that it allows you to convert notes into a wide range of formats.

Have a good time and get well-organized with these sticky notes tools!