Movi.Kanti.Revo Experience Movi.Kanti.Revo Experience

Google are becoming more creative and richer, presenting us some interesting and fascinating experiments you can dive into, sitting in front of your home computer. Not so long ago, the company updated Chrome, integrating getUserMedia API feature, which allows the browser to use the web camera and microphone of your computer in the on-line applications and services. It is noticeable that they didn't just integrate it and then completely forgot about it. Google together with Cirque Du Soleil and Subatomic Systems have brought us an interesting product to follow a mysterious charming character through a unique surreal world.

Kind And Sweet And Lovingnotes Cultivate Our GrowthKind And Sweet And Lovingnotes Cultivate Our Growth

Movi.Kanti.Revo What Does It Mean?

The words in the title are taken from Esperanto and stand for moving, singing and dreaming, and that is exactly what you see inside the project. Google speak of it as of an emotional journey made of love, doubts, hopes and dreams, and I eagerly agree with them here. During your magic journey you have the luck to witness some of the Cirque Du Soleil performances, which are not simply beautiful, they are emotional, expressing and indescribable.

You can travel within the project either with your mouse or with gestures, and, of course, it is a totally different experience in either way. Using a camera is far more involving. Yet, to experience this, the two things must coincide:A computer with a webcam and a browser that supports WebRTC.

The Heart Blooms With a Tender TouchThe Heart Blooms With a Tender Touch

Which Browser to Use?

It worked well in the two browsers, supporting this protocol: Firefox and Chrome, though it behaved differently. In Firefox Movi.Kanti.Revo opened and worked, but had some malfunctions and leaped over the beginning. Moreover it felt like being a bit different in every tiny aspect from what you see in Chrome. The Google's browser showed good performance of this project with no noticeable or disturbing drawbacks. The attempts to play it in Opera, which also supports WebRTC had almost no results, but for extremely long loading time and major lags. As a result, it totally feels being created for Chrome.

From Root to Leaf and Branch by BranchFrom Root to Leaf and Branch by Branch

The Issues Behind the Curtain

The artistic group, Cirque Du Soleil, is very creative, unusual and enchanting in their performances. The developers of the project wanted to bring this creativity to the browser and accomplished this through creating a mix between traditional HTML and CSS protocols with 3D transitions and HTML5 APIs. I don't want to go into deep technical details, but if you are interested in them you can read a lot in Chromium blog and technical case study by Google.

What we see is a result of a great work of many people, which fills you with joy, love and happiness. I consider this being a good weapon against sorrow and dumps. Do enjoy it!

Picture and video credit: Google.

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The project is...unusual. It's interesting to see it once. Actually I don't understand the aim of the project. Relaxation? Waste of time? I think one has to see it in reality.

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