Google's rating feature for movies and TV shows Google's rating feature for movies and TV shows

It seems that Google wants to get more involved in the entertainment business, but in its own way. According to official sources, the IT giant is currently experimenting with a new rating system for movies and TV shows that will be implemented in its Search functionality. These new ratings will be displayed directly in the results, thus giving the users another way of assessing how good the content is, without having to browse through additional web pages.

As most of you probably know, Google's search results already display ratings when you search for a movie or a TV show. The IT giant takes the ratings from the three most popular websites in this field: IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic and displays them in the results page along with other details such as the synopsis, awards, cast, etc. Now, the company is trying to add its own rating system that won't feature grades or stars, but instead will show a balance between the number of people who like the item and those who dislike it.

At the moment, we don't know for sure if the experiment will be a success or how long it will take to implement it in the mainstream version of Google Search, but what's really interesting is how, with just a few tweaks, the IT giant can influence the entire industry. If watching movies is one of your hobbies, you may also want to check some of our other stories related to this topic such as: "Will movie games ever be good?" or "Best Tools To Improve Your Netflix-Viewing Experience".