Find Out If Someone Is Using Your WiFi Find Out If Someone Is Using Your WiFi

Do you suspect somebody's using your network connection without your consent? Can't shake a feeling that your Internet speed seems bogged down lately? There's a way to get rid of your paranoia. Have a look at these three software tools that will help you detect who is eating up your bandwidth.

Nirsoft Wireless Network Watcher

Nirsoft Wireless Network Watcher is a tiny application that scans your network and shows you a list of all the devices that are logged on to your wireless network. Moreover, the software will provide you with detailed information concerning each connected device including IP address, MAC address, and device name. Using the program's options you can configure the utility to regularly scan your system for unwanted connections. You can also export the results provided by the utility to various formats to use the information later. Wireless Network Watcher is pretty handy to report on every computer or device that are not permitted to connect to your network.

Zamzom Wireless Network Tool

Just like the previous utility, Zamzom Wireless Network Tool scans your network and provides you with the IP address and MAC address information on every device hooked up to your Wi-Fi. Zamzom Wireless Network Tool offers two scan options: Fast scan and Deep scan, but the latter doesn't come for free. Fast scan can probably satisfy most users, but if you feel it's not enough for you, you can make use of Deep Scan. This option is more thorough and provides you with additional information on those using your network, for example, their computer's name. Zamzom Wireless Network Tool is a quite nifty utility that performs very fast scans and can help you detect computers that can't be pinged.

Who Is On My Wi-Fi

Who Is On My Wi-Fi is another free application to check whether someone is leeching your Wi-Fi. The utility will help you perform the scan to see all devices connected to your wireless network and mark the ones that are not permitted. The program runs in the background and scans for new devices every several minutes. If there's a new connection, Who Is On My Wi-Fi notifies you via e-mail. It also generates a report on this connection and offers you an option to block it if you think it's an illegal one. Who Is On My Wi-Fi is a great solution if you need to be constantly aware that nobody's stealing your Wi-Fi. The program is light on resources, very easy to use, and quite effective.



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