Facebook FacioMetrics uses your face for in-app actions

Most of you probably haven't heard this yet, but Facebook has recently acquired a company called FacioMetrics that specializes in facial expression recognition technology. This means that in a future that's not so far away, the IT giant will be able to literally use your face for in-app actions. Since this sounds pretty interesting, I thought we should take some time and discuss the possibilities that this new technology could possibly bring to the table.

As far as short-term plans go, the social network has officially stated that it plans to use FacioMetrics innovations to enhance its "Masks" feature. Some of you have surely noticed that apps that allow you to overlay masks on your selfies and videos like Snapchat or even Facebook already react to certain actions such as raising your eyebrow or opening your mouth. However, this new technology is capable of making things even better by providing more options and reacting to triggers that are a lot more subtle, thus creating a better experience for the users. Since it only took Facebook about six months to integrate MSQRD features into its main app, we probably won't have to wait very long to see the improvements in Masks.

In the long run, the social network can do many other interesting things with the technology acquired from FacioMetrics. The most talked-about possible feature is the ability to use facial expressions to react to posts. Basically, the users will no longer need to tap the Like button and select the desired expression as the app could read it directly from their faces. In the same manner, Facebook's Messenger application could take a look at your face and include a matching emoji in your texts. However, the IT giant also some more lucrative opportunities as the ability to recognize facial expressions can also help the social network provide advertisers with a better assessment on how the users react to a specific advertisement.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the name, FacioMetrics is a startup that began its research at Carnegie Mellon University developing machine learning systems for facial image analysis. The company even had its own app on the market, but it was pulled down immediately after the Facebook acquisition became official. Called IntraFace, the app could differentiate between seven human emotions: Sadness, Surprise, Disgust, Happiness, Fear, Anger and Neutral. Additionally, the application was also able to tell if someone was wearing glasses (distinguishing between sunglasses and eyeglasses) and recognize facial hair.

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Hattie Elaine Loggins

Can a user block this capability? I have a problem with anyone using facial expressions to determine what I am thinking or plan to do without my prior authorization. This was not a part of the original Facebook agreement. No one is a mind reader and facial expression software does have limits. How do you prohibit the use of it on your Facebook account?

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