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Web Picture Creator 

About the creator of Web Picture Creator

I have had photography as a hobby for about 16 years. Throughout these years this hobby has been intense for some periods while less intense for others.

I bought my first SLR camera in 1990, a Nikon EM. In 1991 I purchased a Nikon 601. This camera was stolen in 1993. After that I used my EM for quite many years until 1999 when I bought a Nikon F60. The F60 made me realise how fantastically nice the 601 really was. A couple of years later I got rid of the F60 and got the F80, which I was quite pleased with. I think it's a really good camera for the money.

In October 2001 I bought an Olympus C-4040 Z, which was my first digital camera. I was very pleased with the picture quality, but I have to admit that I would have preferred a digital SLR already at this time. Despite the fact that the camera can be manually controlled in almost every way, it is a compact camera. However, the digital SLR:s were at this time too expensive for me.

After this I have had several digital compacts, all which produced images of good technical quality, but felt like too much of a compromise in terms of handling and the feel.

In september 2005 I bought a Nikon D50 (Digital SLR), which has brought back the joy of creating images. I really like the camera!

I use the following lenses:
AF Nikkor 24/2.8 D
AF Nikkor 50/1.8
Tokina AF 80-200/2.8 AT-X
Tokina AF 400/5.6

In the fall 2002 I wanted to easily publish my pictures on the Internet. I searched around for a decent freeware program to use for this purpose. Although there were a few to choose from, none did exactly what I wanted. Since I had some knowledge in programming, I saw no other possibilty than to do it myself. So, in December 2002 the first version of Web Picture Creator was released. It got the version number 0.5 beta.