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Web Picture Creator 

- Absolutely free software for creating web photo galleries -

In order to create and maintain my picture albums on the web, I've created Web Picture Creator. It's a fully functional and easy to use software, yet ABSOLUTELY FREE for non commercial use. The Web Picture Creator software license agreement is available here.

Web Picture Creator is a tool for creating online Internet photo and picture albums. It can also be used for resizing images, making thumbnails and copying images. It handles JPEG images (*.jpg, *.jpeg).

With Web Picture Creator it is very simple to create photo and image albums for the Internet. Basically what you do is that you select the images you want to be included in the album and in which folder you want it be created. Also you can set several parameters like, for example, image and thumbnail size, quality and so on. The image selection and the settings can be saved to a file.

You can also create and use your own templates in Web Picture creator. This is practical if you want your web picture and photo album pages to blend in with the rest of the pages on your site. The albums in the example section are done this way. Please have a look!

Web Picture Creator is ABSOLUTELY FREE for non commercial use. The Web Picture Creator software license agreement is available here. However, if you start using Web Picture Creator and are pleased with the result, please do add a link to your web photo album in the Web Picture Creator Forum.

Also, if you enjoy using Web Picture Creator, please consider a donation. That is if you can spare a few bucks of course. It is not free for me to have this site running with all the required bandwidth and server space, and I do spend quite much time on support issues and on improving the program. Naturally I am doing it because it is fun, but my bills need to be paid too. I am using PayPal to receive donations, and they do accept all the major credit cards. Thanks! Donate here.

The current official version of Web Picture Creator is 1.8.


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Download Web Picture Creator version 1.8

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The main features of Web Picture Creator are:

  • Easily and quickly create picture / photo albums for Internet or CD's and DVD's.
  • More features...

Web photo albums made with Web Picture Creator

All the image albums in the albums example section in this site are made with Web Picture Creator. Please have a look.

Also, you can take a look at the sites where the latest visitors came from. Many of these are picture albums created with Web Picture Creator. Here they are.


You'll find a Web Picture Creator tutorial here.

Version history

  • January 28, 2006 - version 1.8
    - Drag and drop functionality added, enabling you to drag pictures from the file manager and drop them in the picture list.
    - Fixed bug that caused the program to raise an exception when dealing with some jpeg's.
    - Image previewing is substantially faster.
    - Various minor bug fixes and improvements.
  • More change history...

System requirements

  • Windows 95/98, NT, 2000, XP
  • A computer with memory


If you need any help with Web Picture Creator, just submit your questions in the Web Picture Creator Forum.


23 August 2006
The WPC photo store opened. Here you can by all sorts of photo related stuff. To get to the store, click here!

28 Januari 2006
Web Picture Creator version 1.8 released. This version adds support for drag and drop of pictures into the albums. Also image previewing is substantially faster and some minor bugs are fixed.