Rumor: New Features For Windows 10 To Be Disclosed In January

It seems that Microsoft is planning to reveal the newest Windows 10 consumer orientated features in a press event that will be held in the second part of January. The information came from unofficial sources and, as usually, the IT giant is very secretive about everything connected to the newest version of Windows, so it chose not to comment on the matter.

According to The Verge, the Redmond-based company is planning a major update of its latest operating system that will bring some important upgrades from the customer's point of view. Since everything they've done so far with Windows 10 was really cool, we are really excited to see the new features that await us. Speculations say that the revision will include the Continuity feature (dynamically adjustable Windows interface, which allows users to easily switch between touch screen and keyboard control) and I can't wait to see it. 

Officially announced on the last day of September, Windows 10 has been a welcomed breath of fresh air for most of the popular OS users. Since Windows 8 wasn't exactly a success and it actually ended up disgruntling a lot of the company's customer, Microsoft has got a lot riding on the Windows 10 project and it shows. From my perspective, this new operating system seems to be the best that I've ever seen, as the company brought back a lot of the features that made Windows a popular product in the first place, but also added a few new functions (like virtual desktops) that its customers have been asking for.

Source: The Verge.

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Acer is the best!

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Acer is the best.

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